That’s So Sexy is a project of Hello Cool World, launched in 2011 to celebrate a decade of work on sexual health campaigns. The purpose of this website is to showcase our own work on projects we are passionate about, and also to share ideas and information about sex and sexuality with our audiences. We regularly connect with people all over the world through social media and on our campaign sites who share our interest in comprehensive, positive, innovative sexual health education and resources.

That’s So Sexy was an idea developed from the realization that our campaigns have something in common: they’re sexual health campaigns that actually talk about sex. It seems obvious to us, but it’s still kind of a radical idea. A lot of sexual health messages are fear-based, focused on risks instead of pleasure. The vast majority of people have sex for the same reason: it’s fun and it feels good. Talking and thinking about your sexual health, and the health of your partner or partners, doesn’t have to be dull or uncomfortable—it can be part of the pleasure! We think more sexual health messages should reflect that, and we’re willing to set an example when crafting those messages ourselves!

Our goal as a company is to make campaigns that reflect the diversity of our communities, that acknowledge sexuality throughout the lifespan, and that are grounded in the belief that sexual health services and education are a right. We think that the campaigns showcased on That’s So Sexy reflect that. But since we can’t work on sexual health all the time (even though some days we wish we could), That’s So Sexy is a also place to share the amazing work and research that other people are doing. If you have a great idea for a post, send us an email or a tweet!

Hello Cool World is a Vancouver-based agency that builds grassroots campaigns for social change and healthy communities. Our mandate is: ideas to audiences, audiences to actions, and actions to outcomes. Learn about our other work at!
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