Chee Mamuk

We've been thrilled to work wth Chee Mamuk for the past six years. It began when we co-created the video workshop series "Star in Your Own Stories" which is a way to get HIV information to Aboriginal communities in a way that is positive, empowering and effective.

It's a simple idea. Chee Mamuk educators, an outreach nurse, and the Hello Cool Word video team go into a community for an intensive hands-on weekend workshop where teens learn about HIV and how to make a positive message video. We shoot, they shoot, we brainstorm and then they come up with their key messages and the title for their film.Star In Your Own Stories projects

After that, we connect with them online over the next few months as our team back in Vancouver edits their video. In the post-production process, we bring in industry professionals to do sound design and graphics and create cool matching 'swag' that has their messages and images on it.

Then we go back to the community and throw a red-carpet style film launch complete with awards and feasting!

Wise Women Postcards

In 2011, Hello Cool World designed a series of postcards for Chee Mamuk, using the artwork of Kalaila Amia. From the Chee Mamuk site, "Wise Women is a culturally appropriate, healthy sexuality kit that provides information to Aboriginal Women. This series of pamphlets includes education and support resources on HIV, sexually transmitted infections, hepatitis, healthy sexuality, condom use, and safer drug use. These pamphlets come packaged in a small folder with First Nations art through out. Also included are postcards that celebrate women’s healthy sexuality. This resource has been updated from a previous addition entitled; ‘Empowerment, Support, Healing’." See all the postcards here.

Leading the Way

In February 2011, 19 Chief and Council members from BC First Nations gathered for a two-day HIV/AIDS hosted by the Northern BC Aboriginal HIV/AIDS Taskforce and facilitated by Chee Mamuk, Aboriginal Program, from the BC Centre for Disease Control. Leading the Way is a book that features their thoughts and recommendations for addressing HIV/AIDS in First Nations, featuring portraits by Nancy Bleck. It is available through the Chee Mamuk website here.

Put On Something SexyFOCUS ON PLEASURE

For Chee Mamuk, the Aboriginal Program of the BC Centre for Disease Control's STI Division, we created the "Put On Something Sexy" flip book demonstrating just how hot putting on a condom can be. Prepare your thumbpads for some flicking fun! The flip book was translated into French and re-published by CATIE, where it can be ordered in bulk.
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