That's So Sexy — The TV Ads!

That's So Sexy - Hetero Version from Hello Cool World on Vimeo.

That's So Sexy - Gay Version from Hello Cool World on Vimeo.

The scene: Youth dancing at a rave.

The sounds: a dance beat with an intimate voice over of a young guy and girl as if they are conversing over the phone. Text message fonts provide tag lines to the action: Who, When, How.

He says: "What are you going to wear?"

She says: "Hmmm... I want you to wear this." Then a manicured hand appears unwrapping and caressing a condom. "Put on something sexy!"

That's So Sexy screen shots

The moral of this story, as told by the final voice over of the girl is "that's so sexy!"

The second version of the ad uses the similar visuals, but is aimed at young gay men.

These PSAs are part of the overal effort of Hello Cool World and Opt to put sex in advertising where it belongs -- promoting safer sex!

Produced originally in 2005 by Hello Cool World for Options for Sexual Health, with funding from the Vancouver Foundation and support from Video in Studios and Terry Fairfield and The Hive, these PSA's were remixed in 2011 as part of Hello Cool World's 10th birthday.

The PSAs aired on TV in BC in February & March 2011.

That's So Sexy screen shots

The 'ProjeKt' - By Youth, For Youth - From 2004 to 2011

It all began in the summer of 2004 as the "PSA ProjecKt." The goal was to make safer sex messages that could air on TV or a website, and would resonate with a teen audience. We focus tested with teens and that's how we got the title That's So Sexy. Two versions have been made, one featuring a guy and a girl while another is aimed at young gay men.

The PSAs have now been re-mixed with recent photos from the Opt photoshoot!

Opt icons with That's So Sexy stills
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Says PSA director David Ng, "The problem with all the 'just say no' messages is that once two people are actually having sex, it doesn't give them role models for being safe while they are being sexy."


That's So Sexy

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