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Pleasure Files: Part 2

By Bella Sie On September 21, 2011 | 0 Comments

Pleasure is always on our minds at Hello Cool World, which is why we're titilated to bring you Part 2 of the Pleasure Files. In this installment, Katherine Dodds has a chat with Hello Cool World's Research Associate and the creator of, Cindy Masaro. 

Cindy is a nurse and UBC PhD candidate who has launched an online survey to determine how new communication technologies influence new relationship development, and how that in turn affects sexual behaviour. Keep reading to learn more about the survey!

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Team LACE/OFF at the Underwear Affair!

By Michelle Reid On June 23, 2011 | 0 Comments

The LACE Campaign has been busy all June, getting ready for our Underwear Affair 10K. Not only has Team LACE/OFF been training hard, but we've also been getting ready for our comedy show fundraiser, Girls Girls Girls! on Wednesday, June 29th. Featuring an almost-all-female line-up of hilarious comedians and performers (including last year's LACE Outreach Coordinator Lizzy Karp, and myself, making my first appearance on a stage since 1998), it's probably the most fun you can have donating to the cancer-fighting research of the BC Cancer Foundation.

However, we know not everyone who wants to help out the BC Cancer Foundation and fight cancers-below-the-waist will be able to make it out to the show. So we created a LACE Campaign Reusable travel mug, and 100% of your purchase will go towards our fundraising goal! It's just as easy as donating online, but you get this adorable doughnut-featuring mug in exchange for helping to support BC Cancer Foundation!  Click here to get to our store, and select "Other Cool Stuff" to buy the mug.

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Michelle is a freelance writer and anthropologist with a Master of Public Health from UBC. Her passions are promoting health and building community. She's worked in grassroots community organizations in Vancouver, Victoria and Oceania.

Parents in Burnaby protest anti-discrimination policy

By Michelle Reid On May 10, 2011 | 0 Comments

The Burnaby school district is under fire from parents who are concerned about a new inclusive policy whose "objective is to ensure all school community members learn to work together in an atmosphere of respect and safety "free from homophobia, transphobia, antigay harassment and exclusion, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity."

It's hard for me to wrap my head around why parents would be protesting a policy that wants to make a school a safer place for children- especially since one of the parents who opposes the policy is aware of the awful fact that trans and queer children are 16 times more likely to commit suicide than their straight, cis-gendered peers. All the same, parents are arguing that teaching tolerance about sexual identities infringes on a parent's right to give moral guidance to their child and that the issues of sexual and gender minorities affect only "a few" students. This is a heartbreaking attitude when you consider that most queer students feel unsafe in schools, many are physically assaulted, and most are verbally assaulted.

Parents should support any initiative that seeks to make schools a safer, happier place for all students. The protest and fear of children being "sexualized" or led morally astray speaks volumes about the ignorance and bigoted attitudes of those parents. It isn't enough to say, as many of the parents do, that essentially while they don't "have a problem" with queer and transfolk, they don't want to hear about them in their children's schools. That is, in fact, having a problem with queer and transfolk; it's called homophobia, and their protests are a demonstration of the necessity of having these issues raised thoughtfully in schools. Clearly many children aren't being taught tolerance, respect and understanding at home.

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Vote for Sexual and Reproductive Health Today!

By Michelle Reid On May 02, 2011 | 0 Comments
I'm young, female, Aboriginal, and pro-choice, and that's why I voted against Harper.

I'm young, female, Aboriginal, and pro-choice, and that's why I voted against Harper.

Today, May 2nd, is the general election in Canada. It's hard for me to focus on anything else because the last few weeks have been so inspiring: seeing so many people of all ages come together to challenge voter apathy with insight and innovation. I'm hopeful that today will be a landmark election in Canadian history, one that demonstrates we aren't apathetic about how our country is led. You might know that in the last election, two out of five eligible voters didn't vote; only one in five voted for the current Prime Minister. In comparison, this election saw the highest-ever numbers of advance voting.

Why am I talking about the election on That's So Sexy? Because the personal is political, and your sexual health (and choices, and freedom!) are political issues. Stephen Harper has done terrible things for reproductive and sexual health while in office, many that directly impact Canadian women everywhere.

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