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May 17, 2014

Dreaming of the Difference The Corporation Film can Make...

By Katherine Dodds

Corporations are not the architects of my dreams. Corporate globalization is not my religion, though it be worshipped all around me. Profit over every other earthly concern is not my way of doing business. ~Kat Dodds

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In these dark days of climate change, it sometimes feels like a waking nightmare with facebook feeds flashing before my eyes: Youtube visions of factories burning; tales of terminator seeds; the drones of PR as the call to war; waters rising; unceded territories the scene of corporate crimes, citizens rights eroding through government spying; and even oil spilling on the streets of LA — The plundering of our planet does seem apocalyptic.

There is a devil, and it is in the coporate institutions very DNA.

And the devil's advocates say only they can solve the crises they create.

We need to change the entire game.

The Corporation film, and audiences response to it, has given an albeit secular soul to my work. Working with this head & heart felt film alongside the people who made it, has spanned much more than the past decade. I formed Hello Cool World at the turn of this century so that we'd be ready to build the grassroots campaign to launch the film. Which is why we at HCW are a small, collaborative grassroots motley crew of do-gooders. 

And now, we need to do gooder, again. 

Which is my dream now: To re-launch the film through our activist and educators communities to re-awaken our collective spirit of resistance and rebuild our faith in each other to solve our problems as citizens, as friends, as communities, to reclaim the soul of democracy, which is solidarity.

Who's coming along on this ride?

XO kat


Get your tickets for May 26 Vancouver Screening + Panel + Party! RSVP on Facebook 

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