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April 03, 2013

The French Connection

By Katherine Dodds



Dear friends,

Help us find a spectacular copy-writer in French!

Hello Cool World is looking for experienced Francophone copywriters with a taste for social justice. We need to communicate with you in English, but we need true word-crafting expertise in French, with a current understanding of Quebec culture.

We need pitch writing, tag lines and ad-style copy for a bilingual non-profit identity project, and we are looking for someone with experience* in these areas, but who wants to use their powers of persuasion for good!

We are well aware that concepts and creative ideas don't all translate directly, and that word crafting takes a certain kind of finesse. We're also a company that is unashamedly go-gooders, and all our clients do meaningful work. For this project, our client is Inter Pares. We've worked with these fine folks several times before, but this time we are being stretched to become a truly bilingual company, and we need to find a person, or people who fit with our sensiblity and that can provide us with some high-level writing in French, that takes into consideration the process we have already undergone so far. 

Contact by email with your resume if this is you, and give us an example of your copy-writing. Please let us know your hourly freelance rate.

* we are not looking for good writers only, but for people who have done this kind of work specifically, for other clients, and who understand the back-and-forth process that identity work entails. 

For some of our work in progress, see the surveys we just launched of logo drafts.


In English.

In French. 


Cheers, Kat

Creative Director & Dominatrix of details. : ) 

Tag(s): Social Justice, Social Marketing, Marketing

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