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Happy Pink Shirt Day!

By David Ng On April 09, 2014 | 0 Comments

Hello Cool World is proud to be a partner for Pink Shirt Day!

For those who don't know - Pink Shirt Day originated in Nova Scotia, where a student was bullied for wearing pink.  The friends of the student that was bullied, David Shepherd and Travis Price, distributed pink shirts to grade 9 students who wore them in support of their friend who was bullied.  Since then, pink shirt day is celebrated all over the world as a statement against bullying and homophobia.

We love this demonstration of solidarity against bullying!  

One of my favorite campaigns that we did a few years ago was called the "Super Power Project" where we used video to help youth tell stories about gender oppression and violence against women.  What was interesting, was that we were able to engage with boys about how to be allies to people around them that might be having difficult experiences.  While we may not share the same experiences, the great thing about solidarity is that we can still support those around us, and build a community of caring, empathetic, loving people.  Pink shirt day is great example of how we can do that!

Visit here for more info!

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David Ng is a Hello Cool World veteran with experience going back a decade. David first worked with us when he was just 14 years old as a participant in the youth advisory group for the sexual health education program Condomania. Now an accomplished videographer passionate about the issues of gender and power, he is currently on sabbatical in South Africa while he pursues a Masters in Gender Studies with a focus on international development.

The Witness Ceremony - Blog + Video by Julius Booth

By Julius Booth On July 23, 2013 | 0 Comments

Julius Booth - HCW's summer intern - has been working on the Uts'am-Witness book project.  Check out his video clip "The Witness Ceremony" below!

I’ve been asked as a summer intern at Hello Cool World to write a blog entry about the Uts’am Witness project. Here we go.

The Witness project began in 1997 back when video cameras were clunky and produced footage not fit for 1080p monitors. One of those cameras just happens to be in the editing room right now. I have been transferring hours of footage from tapes of the early Witness Ceremonies using the antique camera and a newly purchased cord that is specifically capable of plugging into the camera and a USB port.

The footage is very cool. I’ve known Kat and Nancy for a long time, seeing them much younger is an interesting experience. As a child from the 90’s there is a surprising lack of home videos in my family, so any footage from that time is a treat to see. The Witness weekends are cool to watch as well. There are songs, dancing and even drum-making lessons. The weekends remind me of a regular summer camp. I wouldn’t be surprised if they went canoeing and told ghost stories around a fire.

Before combing through the hours of footage that chronicle the Witness Project, I was editing my own little trailer/piece for the book. Despite being brand new to Final Cut Pro at the time, coupled with the computer troubles that have been haunting the Hello Cool World office for the last week, I think I did a mighty decent job. Unfortunately, the photos are a bit blurry because I had to screenshot them off a PDF of the Picturing Transformation book BUY IT NOW!!! My piece is about what a traditional witness ceremony is and how it was adapted for the Witness Project. You can watch the video here:

Look for my name in the book! JB

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Julius Booth is our Hello Cool World summer marketing intern. Every day, he bikes along the sea wall and is fed amazing lunches which make up for his lack of pay. He is heading to McGill in the fall for his first year of University.

Share Your Voice - coming soon

By Bella Sie On May 31, 2013 | 0 Comments

I have just emerged from the depths of the edit suite, and am happy to announce that the SACY project Kat and I have been working on has an official name: Share Your Voice. 

Share Your Voice is a project that features the honest thoughts and opinions of real Vancouver youth on real youth issues. What challenges do today's youth face? How do youth cope with their stresses? Where can youth access info on safety, or get support? These are all questions we asked these teens from high schools across the Vancouver School District. Their voices are the stars of this project which includes a 15-minute video around SACY's 4 S's - Speak Up, Get Smart, Stay Safe, Get Support - and a series of posters. 

We are currently in the final approval stages of this project, so hang tight and you'll catch a glimpse of all the aforementioned work shortly. 

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Tag(s): Youth, Video
Bella is the newest addition to Hello Cool World, enlisting for the cause at the end of 2010. A graduate of BCIT's Broadcast Communications for TV program, she's worked in all aspects of production and has a knack for new media & technology.

CDC 2013 recap

By Maria Martin On March 20, 2013 | 0 Comments

The three days at the CDC Conference was a whirlwind of mid-week fun. The team was there to live-tweet CDC conference happenings + their projects around First Nations health and social media promotion. Many attendees recognized and were aware of our projects and campaigns. We did live tweeting & video interviews throughout the conference, so stay tuned for our vlog post highlighting the event. We asked people what community health meant to them & what community health looked like in First Nations communities. We also interviewed Dr. Evan Adams who explained the connection between community health and the new First Nations Health Authority. The wellness model takes a mind, body, spirit approach.

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Maria Martin is interning with Hello Cool World as part of her community nursing course at VCC.

SACY Project Update!

By Linh Tra On February 08, 2013 | 0 Comments

Linh Tra is a Bachelor of Nursing student at Vancouver Community College and is interning with Hello Cool World as part of her community health clinical.

Hello Cool World has been working on a project with the SACY team (School Aged Children and Youth), along with the Vancouver School Board. The SACY project is a Substance Use Prevention Initiative that engages students, parents, teachers, administrators and the greater community in a process to strengthen school-based alcohol and drug prevention and early-intervention programs and policies. Hello Cool World and SACY interviewed about a dozen high school students from all over Vancouver. We will be putting together 4 short videos around the 4 key messages about alcohol and drug prevention: be smart, speak up, be safe, and get support.

The youth of the SACY project reported that they experience many stressors and pressures as teenagers. Some of these include the pressure to find who they are, the pressure from parents and teachers to succeed in school, and pressure from peers to fit in. They also mentioned that some issues youth face are related to drugs, alcohol, self image, bullying, self harm, relationships, sexuality, etc. They felt pressures from everyone around them to be or act a certain way or to do certain things with their futures and this caused much stress for them. The youth noticed that many teens are unable to effectively cope with their stress. Therefore, this may lead to many risk taking behaviours. As one youth said, “pot and liquor for the most part is like, people use those as kind of an outlet.”

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Tag(s): Youth
Hi! My name is Linh. I am a Bachelor of Nursing student at Vancouver Community College. I am excited to be working with Hello Cool World as part of my community health clinical. I chose Hello Cool World because it is completely different than any other types of nursing that I’ve done before. It also allowed me to combine my love for nursing with my interest for film and media. The Hello Cool World team members are amazing and so creative! I’m not a very creative person, so I’m really stepping out of my comfort zone here! But it’s an awesome experience!

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