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Welcome to Maria Martin, our newest Health Promotions Intern!

By Katherine Dodds On March 11, 2013 | 0 Comments

Welcome Wagon + Announcement

From Guest Blogger Maria Martin

Hi everyone!

My name is Maria Martin and I am a new intern at Hello Cool World
headquarters. Similar to my predecessor, Linh Tra, I, too, am a
Nursing student at Vancouver Community College. I am in my fourth year
and currently doing my public health clinical rotation. I am doing a
project for HCW about health promotion as part of my clinical so stay
tuned and curious.

Hello Cool World team will be at the Community Health Associates
Meeting on March 12-14. We are invited to the conference to display
our work with First Nations on health promotions so come by our table
to chat, check out our portfolio, or be part of our live broadcast. We
will be at the helm of the social media component, tweeting and
blogging live. Follow us on Twitter (#CDC2013, #FNHealth) Facebook, or on our site.

We are also doing interviews so this is an opportunity to plug your
work or projects and meet the Hello Cool World team. Anyone attending
feel free to come by our table to learn more about whom we are, what
we do, and what Hello Cool World can do for you or your organizations.
Let’s connect and stay cool. MM

Check out more about Hello Cool World Media projects here.

More about what we are up to at the conference below the break! 

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Katherine Dodds AKA "Kat" is the founder of Good Company Communications and Trained in renegade advertising & branding through her work with Adbusters in the '90s, Kat's early induction into the possibilities of the web-world was inspired by the term hypertext, which she immediately found comforting. She is dedicated to cause-related communication and to the development and use of tools that promote democratic processes.

SACY Project Motoring Along

By Linh Tra On February 19, 2013 | 0 Comments

SACY Project Video Well Underway! intern Linh Tra with editor Bella Sie in front of the rough cut! 

Hello Cool World has made tremendous progress with the SACY project over the last few weeks. Back in January we held a couple of video shoots with the youth and got excellent content for the documentary around the 4 S’s: be smart, speak up, be safe, and get support. We also held a super fun photo shoot for the SACY poster. The youth got their hair and makeup done, which the girls really enjoyed, but the boys.... yeah, not so much hehe!

Overall the video footage and the photos turned out great and we had so much great material to work with, it took me weeks to transcribe it. : )  Then the editing process began! This usually takes a pretty long time, but Bella, being superwoman, finished it in a week. We're waiting now for SACY coordinator Helenka to see it, before heading back into the edit suite. So, now we’ve already got the rough draft of the documentary completed and ready for approval, on to the next steps. Way to go Hello Cool World!

I can’t wait to see the final product! We’ll keep you posted!

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Hi! My name is Linh. I am a Bachelor of Nursing student at Vancouver Community College. I am excited to be working with Hello Cool World as part of my community health clinical. I chose Hello Cool World because it is completely different than any other types of nursing that I’ve done before. It also allowed me to combine my love for nursing with my interest for film and media. The Hello Cool World team members are amazing and so creative! I’m not a very creative person, so I’m really stepping out of my comfort zone here! But it’s an awesome experience!

SACY Project Update!

By Linh Tra On February 08, 2013 | 0 Comments

Linh Tra is a Bachelor of Nursing student at Vancouver Community College and is interning with Hello Cool World as part of her community health clinical.

Hello Cool World has been working on a project with the SACY team (School Aged Children and Youth), along with the Vancouver School Board. The SACY project is a Substance Use Prevention Initiative that engages students, parents, teachers, administrators and the greater community in a process to strengthen school-based alcohol and drug prevention and early-intervention programs and policies. Hello Cool World and SACY interviewed about a dozen high school students from all over Vancouver. We will be putting together 4 short videos around the 4 key messages about alcohol and drug prevention: be smart, speak up, be safe, and get support.

The youth of the SACY project reported that they experience many stressors and pressures as teenagers. Some of these include the pressure to find who they are, the pressure from parents and teachers to succeed in school, and pressure from peers to fit in. They also mentioned that some issues youth face are related to drugs, alcohol, self image, bullying, self harm, relationships, sexuality, etc. They felt pressures from everyone around them to be or act a certain way or to do certain things with their futures and this caused much stress for them. The youth noticed that many teens are unable to effectively cope with their stress. Therefore, this may lead to many risk taking behaviours. As one youth said, “pot and liquor for the most part is like, people use those as kind of an outlet.”

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2013 - Already! Onwards in Peace & Love!

By Katherine Dodds On January 05, 2013 | 2 Comments

It's a new year, time to ponder the future and our vision for Hello Cool World! 

The Vancity Women Entrepreneur Project has been a great opportunity to work on a business plan, and this coming week i'm excited to be sitting down with my long-term cohorts to discuss what we collectively see in our future, how we can continue to work with those "with a message to sell or a story to tell!" 

January sees us continuing the exciting work branding and positioning the wonderful Social Justice organization Inter Pares (which means "Among Equals'). We are also at work on a very exciting pilot project we are doing with SACY and Vancouver youth to create short videos and campaign materials to support their high school program addressing in a positive ways, issues youth face around substance abuse. We'll be continuing our public health and harm reduction work with more e'Zines for Toward the Heart.

We're also looking forward to more important work with Circles of Understanding, which is addressing the impact residential schools have had on First Nations people in Canada, and how to educate the public and create opportunities for awareness and healing. We've also been inspired by the #IdleNoMore movement, which the 'official' site aminstrators have already said has become too big from them to track! And while we at HCW have no direct link to its organzing, I have been watching and participating when I can locally as I think this is one of the most siginficant grassroots movements I've witnessed in my lifetime. I am humbled, excited and hopeful because of this work and ceremony I have been witnessing.

We've had excitement and challenges in this past year, and I feel privileged to be able to be doing these projects in a spirit of reflection as we build models to help both ourselves, and our cohorts do what we do more effectively and sustainably. 

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By Katherine Dodds On December 18, 2012 | 0 Comments

NOW EVEN BIGGER BARGAINS for items from our online store, + NEW products! 

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Looking for a SPICY stocking stuffer? Or a scathing critique of the 'orgasm product industry'? 

Do gooders like to have fun too! Maybe you are looking for something a little more fun for someone you love? We have organic all natural body candy, lube and oils from Good Clean Love + Liz Canner's entertaining documentary expose of the search for the female viagra.

If you are in Vancouver and order online, our Chinatown warehouse (525 Carrall) will be open for a few hours on Saturday Dec 22 for pick up if you want to choose to save on shipping! Call 604 251 5567 for times.

Besides the well known Corporation and 65_RedRoses products, we have some great new titles just in, some of them brand new films. Read below the line for details on new items! 

Thank you for supporting our campaigns! 

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